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Lightning keeps striking! Good lord! It's just bizarre by this point! Paul and Al are back to look at Thunderbolts issues 22, 0 and 23 (in that order) and Avengers 12 (not in that order). Thrill to Hawkeye losing his AirBnB deposit! Be wowed by Vision's capacity for complaining! Wonder aloud at whether Hercules and Atlas had a fling! It's all go here!

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Paul and Al are back, with more news and reviews and the usual nonsense. They've got chat about Archie Comics' NFT shenanigans, IDW's Originals line, DC's Pride special's lineup, the new Batman and Detective Comics creative teams, Superman: The Space Age, X-Terminators, All-Out Avengers, the relaunch of Shang-Chi and Grant Morrison's debut novel Luda, as well as reviews of The Wrong Earth: Fame and Fortune and Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country. Does the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe love you, now that you can dance?

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Lightning strikes eight times! It's really very dangerous to be out here! Get to shelter!

Paul and Al are back to talk about Thunderbolts #21 and Captain America/Citizen V '98, with all the extraneous cover blurbs, world-class pauldrons and embarrassing Pritt-Stick accidents that entails.

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Al and Paul have a full slate of comics news, remembering Ian Kennedy and Tom Veitch, and discussing the Hero Initiative's JLA/Avengers reprint, DC's upcoming Black Label titles, Marvel's Wild Cards and Thunderbolts revivals, IDW's Last Bot Standing and the Amazon/ComiXology disaster, and they've got reviews of Iron Fist and Nightwing to boot. If the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe falls in the forest, will anyone tidy up the mess?

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It's time for another adventure with the Marvel Universe's most neurotic super... er... heroes? Villains? Something along one of those lines, or possibly both. Anyway! We're looking at issues 17-20 of Thunderbolts vol. 1, and we've got Graviton, Charcoal, and the addition of a crucial element of the Tbolts mythos. Plus: a pug in a hoodie! Some French! An old lady from Elgin! It's all go around here.
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It's time for Paul and Al's annual look-back at the comics and creators of 2021, as they give out the gongs in the Homies awards. Will your favourites go home with a glittering prize? Only one way to find out!

Then it's time for a trip back to Harrogate in November 2021, for the recording of the SILENCE! To Astonish panel from Thought Bubble, featuring Rachael Stott, Becky Cloonan, Al Ewing and Hannah Berry. What larks!

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