House to Astonish
House to Astonish - Episode 73 - 500 Greys Or Summers

Al and Paul have got a bit of an epic for you this time round, with their longest ever episode. There's discussion of the Marvel cancellation wave, the Booster Gold TV show, Image Comics' convention and Ron Marz's move off Voodoo, as well as a run through the solicitations. They've also got reviews of Fantastic Four and Mudman as well as interviews with Nick Spencer, Stephen Wacker and Kieron Gillen recorded at Leeds's Thought Bubble convention. The Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: THREAT OR MENACE?

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House to Astonish - Episode 72 - Broken Biscuits

Three years in and we're still going strong, with news on the passing of Mick Anglo, the October sales charts, DC's collections plan, Marvel's rollout of bagged digital codes, the early online leak of Incredible Hulk issue 2,  Jim Mahfood's Tank Girl OGN, the Spider-Man musical's continued injury woes and the one-dollar Wasteland promotion. We've also got reviews of The Occultist, Uncanny X-Men and Heart. The greatest trick the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe ever pulled was convincing people it didn't exist (the second greatest was that one with the seemingly linked metal rings).

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