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It's anniversary time, as Paul and Al mark the 15th turn round the sun of House to Astonish by briefly mourning the original episode they recorded for the occasion and lost in a computer disaster, before moving on to another anniversary in the form of issue 50 (and 48 and 49) of Thunderbolts, from 2001. It's the end of the Scourge story, the return of Jolt, and time to bid a fond farewell to Mark Bagley. It's all go!

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The Thunderbolts are on a collision course with Scourge (and issue 50), but right now they've got to deal with Moonstone's identity crisis, the Battle of Techno's Ear and the arrival of Genis-Vell, as we look at issues 45-47 from the turn of the millennium. Plus Cybergoth Santa, the Titanian Smurfs and the concept of Pink Pavements crossovers.

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Al and Paul have a whirlwind recap of news from NYCC for your enjoyment, as they look at the "faux-simile" Batman 428; John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead in America; the Superman Superstars initiative; the formation of Ghost Machine; Avengers: Twilight; the Blood Hunt crossover; the creative teams of the new Ultimate line; and the end of the Krakoan era, as well as taking the time to remember Keith Giffen and to review Batman: City of Madness and Midlife (How to Hero at Fifty). The Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is coming, and everybody's jumping, New York to San Francisco, an intercity disco.

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It's crossover time, and Paul and Al are catching up once again with Marvel's Most Wanted, who are going to learn to play nice with other comics whether they want to or not. The Nefaria Protocols play out across Thunderbolts #s 43 and 44 and Avengers #s 33 and 34, and nothing will ever be the same again! Except almost everything actually will, but look, at least we get the perils of invisible furniture, regional Inhumans and Christopher Robin's arch-enemy.

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Paul and Al are back once again, and this time round they're wishing Jeff Smith well in his recovery from cardiac arrest, and gabbing about Tom Brevoot's intra-Marvel move, the upcoming Sentry, Speed Force and Spider-Man: Reign 2 series, and the strange case of the possibly disappearing IDW Originals line, as well as reviewing Uncanny Avengers and The Cull. Plus the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: it's a bit of an animal.

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The mystery of Scourge deepens while Atlas gets drunk, and Paul and Al look at Thunderbolts issues 40-42 (with a brief detour into Avengers 32 for good measure) and the T-Bolts begin the twisty, turny climb towards issue 50.

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Al and Paul are back with more comics chat, remembering John Romita Sr and Ian McGinty, talking about #ComicsBrokeMe, Image moving distribution to Lunar, Marvel and DC's upcoming launches and Ram V and Felipe Andrade's Rare Flavours, as well as reviewing Void Rivals and Ultimate Invasion. It's 10pm. Do you know where the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is?

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It's time for another electrifying set of issues of Marvel's most wanted superteam, the Thunderbolts, as Paul and Al look at Thunderbolts Annual 2000, as well as Thunderbolts #38 and #39. Scourges! Hellstroms! Citizens V! It's very much all go, as the storyline begun in issue 34 continues along its twisty-turny path. 

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Paul and Al are back on their regular beat, remembering Al Jaffee and Rachel Pollack, talking about all the upcoming Fall of X and Knight Terrors books, enjoying Mark Waid's mini-renaissance at DC and dissecting the digital drops of DSTLRY, as well as reviewing The Great British Bump-Off and Guardians of the Galaxy. The Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe? I don't believe they exist.

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It's a whole new era for Marvel's Most Wanted as Paul and Al's reread of Thunderbolts enters the Fabian Nicieza era, looking at issues 34-37. The team comes face to face with someone who's either a new enemy or an old friend (or possibly both) as the tale of the new Beetle wraps up and the Scourge saga begins!

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It's 2023! And you know what that means! That's right, more 2022! Join al and Paul as they dish out the golden gongs in the comics industry's most Scottishy-podcasty awards, the Homies! Now in its titantic tenth year! Who won (they'll tell you!)? Who lost (they won't tell you!)? EXCITING!

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