House to Astonish

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here - House to Astonish episode 150, commemorating eight years of chat and waffle about comics. This time round, Paul and Al aren't doing their usual news-reviews-handbook format, but instead tackling questions about what current books they'd recommend, what the most ridiculous stories are that they've ever read, the Transformers: Earthforce stories, their secret origin, the concept of the "Reverse OHOTOHOTMU", their greatest hits, and how they'd remake crossover events. Plus their most punsome Amalgam characters, a spot of House to Astonish Theatre and a feature which they straight-up ripped off from another podcast. As a bonus, they've also got the entirety of the House to Astonish vs SILENCE! panel from Thought Bubble 2016, featuring Ryan North, Brenden Fletcher, Emi Lenox and John Allison, for anyone who missed that.

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