House to Astonish

It's Paul and Al's tenth anniversary episode, where they remember Anthea Bell, laugh for quite a long time about Writer X and the "revelation" of his identity, and chat briefly about Vault Comics' new YA line (in particular, about Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover's Wrassle Castle), before going into extended examinations/rambles/digressions about The Green Lantern and Lost Light, and once again raid the playbook of excellent videogame podcast Bitsocket as they play Is It Canon?. They've also got messages from some of their friends in the comics podcasting world, and the audio from the SILENCE! To Astonish panel which took place at Thought Bubble in September, featuring Gary Lactus and the Beast Must Die of SILENCE! and an all-star line-up of guests (John McCrea, Matthew Rosenberg, Sam Humphries and Babs Tarr).

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