House to Astonish

Al and Paul are back with another episode of House to Astonish, where they're discussing Greg Rucka's views of Marvel and DC, Marvel's "Superior" teaser, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Jerry Ordway's ​Human Bomb​, Ultimate Captain America as US President and the ​Dredd​ UK box office success, as well as taking a run through December's solicitations. They're also reviewing Team Seven, Ghost and Sword of Sorcery. If you were the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, where would you be? I've put it down somewhere and can't remember where for the life of me.

Please be aware that there was something very strange about the audio this time round which wasn't discovered until after recording, which makes Paul and Al sound like they're sitting about ten feet away from the microphone, so you might have to turn this one right up. C'est la vie.

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It's been a relatively quiet couple of weeks for comics news, but Paul and Al have got plenty of discussion on the second month of Marvel NOW! teasers, the upcoming Morbius series, Jim Starlin's possible rapprochement with Marvel, the CW's new Wonder Woman pilot, the return of Elfquest, the new creative team on X-Men and the newly-unveiled Avengers roster, as well as reviews of Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt, Steed & Mrs Peel and Phantom Stranger. What's that, the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe? Little Jimmy's trapped down a well? Let's go!

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