House to Astonish

It's NYCC, and there's a whole ton of news just waiting to be chewed over, so it would be rude for Al and Paul not to do that, frankly. On the new House to Astonish, they remember Norm Breyfogle and Carlos Ezquerra, and talk about Die, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Wonder Comics, Humanoids' new imprint H1, Avengers: No Road Home, Man Without Fear, Buffy, Three Jokers, The Girl In The Bay, Marvel's 80th anniversary series, Oni Press's webcomics portal, Champions, Savage Sword of Conan, Captain Marvel, Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, Star Trek: Q Conflict, Flash: Year One, Pearl, Out Of The Blue, Guts, Share Your Smile and r(ender), and they've got reviews of These Savage Shores and Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion. Why do birds suddenly appear, every time, the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is near? Just like me, they long to be, fed with crumbs.

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