House to Astonish

Paul and Al have a busy news week for you this time round, with discussion of Jonathan Hickman stepping away from X-Men, the Great Substack Migration of 2021, Scott Snyder's Comixology Unlimited slate, Brian Michael Bendis transplanting Jinxworld to Dark Horse, and DC signing with Webtoon, along with reviews of Eat the Rich and Kang the Conqueror. The Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe don't have anything, if it don't have you.

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It's time for lightning to strike four times, because... well, because it's the fourth episode of The Lightning Round? Paul and Al are back with another episode of their spinoff reread podcast covering Marvel's most wanted, the Thunderbolts - this time round, they're covering Thunderbolts #7-9 and Heroes for Hire #7.

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